Friday, March 16, 2007

Praise the Latte at The Church of Starbucks

I’ve decided to start a new Sunday ritual. It came to me today as I took pause from my appointments and errands to sip a bit of sin at a local coffee shop. I brought a book with me and actually sat IN the coffee shop. I didn’t roll through the drive through. I didn’t pull an in-and-out. I went in, ordered, sat, people watched, and read.

I probably won’t be able to afford it every Sunday and other things will prevent my trend, but I’m going to do it often at least. Lately the only books I read are to learn software or web design and the stack of novels I want to read is getting deep. So, I will bring an actual book, that I will probably learn nothing from, and I will read. I will have my morning latte (nonfat of course) and I will secretly hope that someone is enamored with me and will find that clever, yet obvious, way to approach me.

It’s multitasking at it’s finest really. I made a lot of resolutions this year and my Sunday morning inclination covers at LEAST 4 of them. Read more, don’t go out in public looking like a schlumpadump all the time, practice eye contact, and put myself in a position to meet people. Look at that. Check, check, check, and check…off the list. Do I REALLY expect a guy to come up to me in the middle of Starbucks and propose? Yes. No. I can; however, open myself up to possibilities. I know for a fact no one’s going to approach me with my ass planted firmly on the couch in pink pajama bottoms and a sloppy ponytail. Oh, how I wish it were so.

This is a science, mind you. The right time. The right location. The right day. I’m choosing Sunday as I have traditionally made Sunday my day of rest (at least not work so much on the home business). Go too late and they’re probably all at home watching football. Too early and I can assume he LIKES getting up early and would in turn hope that I LIKE getting up early to which I say “Woah, big fella. Have another shot of caffeine cuz you’re dreamin.” Location! Location! Location! Drive through, probably not so much. Cramped and unwelcoming interior, negatory. I have to find one that’s cozy and busy, but not intimidatingly so. I will start my quest for the perfect coffee shop and I will keep you posted…as usual.

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