Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Filtered for your enjoyment

I'm ordering one of these today. Don't try to stop me. My first step at fat recovery is H2O consumption to the max and I need a new pretty to help me keep my eye on the prize. I'm quite sure that if I bring another water bottle into this house my mom will shove it up my arse, but I'm doing it anyway. I've gotten quite persnickety when it comes to drinking tap water and don't like to buy a ton of bottled water. It's not so much because of my carbon footprint as it is about being judged by those that fixate on their carbon footprint. Ok ok, it's a little bit about my carbon footprint...don't judge me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's hard to lose weight when...

your ass is planted firmly in front of a computer all day. And if not in front of a computer then at least at a table working on an illustration. I'm currently working on an illustration for a class that is going to take a minimum of 25 hours. How do I know this? Because I've already spent five hours and don't even have a quarter of it done. See...

This is a technique called stipple (tons of dots clustered together) and this illustration is due on Monday. I have always loved stipple, but the pressure is on right now. Aside from choosing the toughest technique to use on it (we were also allowed to use crosshatch and/or line), I have chosen an intense photo by a local photographer and promised him that I would give him a copy of the illustration when I'm done. It is mass critical that I don't screw this up. With that much left to go and those kind of time contraints, that affords me a lot of opportunity to screw the pooch (so to speak). There is a pint of Ben & Jerry's in the freezer if the pressure gets to be too much. Hee.

And now for a shameless plug. I have been working on establishing an identity for my freelance business (the one I hope to live off of when school is done) and I even have a blog for it now (as well as facebook, twitter and its very own website). If any of you weight loss hotties have a secret crush on art and design perhaps you'd like to follow that one as well. Now you can stalk me in multiple places.

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