Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Bah FRICKIN humbug

It has come to my attention that when I triumphed over Thanksgiving and I challenged Christmas to a duel that I may have overstepped my bounds. I think I made Christmas angry because it came with such a determination to destroy my progress that I'm still left awe struck. Christmas is no joke, ya'll, and should not be toyed with.

Let's first address the week of Christmas shall we? Clearly our clients have had a VERY prosperous year because I have never seen so many attempts at ass kissing in all my days. It might be a slight exaggeration to suggest that chocolates, cookies, caramel corn, gift baskets, meat & cheese platters, nuts, and other goodies came in by the TRUCKLOAD but that's sure as hell how it seemed. That entire week I maintained a "Who cares? It's Christmas!" attitude and boy am I paying for it now. I didn't even get on the scale that Friday because I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that it would be an ugly UGLY thing. At the Christmas Eve festivities I didn't do too badly but, then again, I WAS stuffed from all the Taco Bell I had eaten for lunch. I ate so much of my mom's Parmesan Cheeseball on Christmas morning that I'm beginning to wonder if anyone else got any. Oh well, at least I was again too full for the Christmas Feast that followed.

Which brings me to New Year's week. I was on vacation. I had told myself when I started losing weight that if I could do well until my vacation I could treat myself to a lot of the things I hadn't had in so long. Well, treat myself I did. Pizza, chocolate, ice cream (though not my Ben & Jerry's), lots and lots of cake, Burger King, Taco Bell...it was madness. When I got on the scale last Friday it was time to be accountable for the last two weeks. I gained 5 pounds. FIVE!! But wait, there's more. Over the last 3 days I have gained, according to my not so friendly scale, 6 more. Now, there is some serious water retention goin on but 11 pounds in 2 weeks is just crazy talk. I'm going to have to kick some serious tail to make up for that.

So, what's my plan of attack you might be wondering? It's free to join Weight Watchers meetings right now so I braved the bitter cold weather and the biting wind last night and I made the trek over to my former meeting locale. It was the same leader that I had last time so there was some familiarity there. There was also a lady named Jane who used to help at my old Tuesday night meetings. She was there last night to help weigh in the mass of New Year's Resolution makers. She totally recognized me and made me feel ridiculously welcome. That's a lady who has lost 125 pounds on program and has maintained it for about 3 years. When I made the comment that I was "back again" she said, "Hey, that's ok, I rejoined many times before I finally did it." I didn't feel like such a Weight Watchers flunkie after she said that and I see in her my potential to really succeed on this program.

So, here I sit 4 days into the New Year and I refuse to quit. Just because I backtracked quite a bit doesn't mean I've lost the battle. Hey, what better time to get your first gain out of the way then Christmas? Now I've got extra ammo because I have meetings to weigh in at every week and someone that will be seeing whether or not I'm staying on track. When someone asks me how much weight I've lost AND when I report it here I'm still going to go by morning weigh in's because I refuse to report what me AND my clothes weigh (that's a whole nother level of scary). I might be feeling a little less fierce than usual but I'll get it back, don't you worry.

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