Monday, June 15, 2009

Video Diaries Are Scary

Especially when they feature me with no makeup and my super short hair pulled back in a weaksauce ponytail. I've been trying to get last night's tragedy of a first attempt at the art of video uploaded, but it must be too long and blogger too cranky. I think it's likely the blog gods trying to save you all from seeing it.

Basically what it said was "recommitting. blah blah. 50 pounds by end of september. I look scary. Woes me." There, we don't need to see that sort of thing do we? I didn't think so.


Diana said...

Kelly - you're a tease!

I was looking forward to seeing your video then I get here and no video. What!?

Okay, soon then. I expect to see you live and in action. Plus, I bet you're being overly critical of how you look. I think you're a cutie. :)

Carlos said...

im with diana bring that hot mess out already!