Saturday, May 21, 2005

Insert Rocky music here

I will try my best to type the following blog entry but I have gone to the gym every day this week (but Friday) and even my fingernails hurt. I've discovered muscles I didn't know existed simply because when I move they scream "Freeze you IDIOT." to which I eagerly comply. Today it even seems as though the heel of my foot is bruised but I went to the gym anyway. I went and I worked out longer than ever. I did an hour on the treadmill and started my resistance training when it was time to have my meeting with a trainer.

Monday when I went to the gym I spoke to Trainer Guy Todd. I told him I couldn't sign up that day because I had no money but that I would have a better idea after my spa party Friday night. So, he made me schedule an appointment with him for today. I say he made me because he was doubting that I would come back as he compared me to "others" that have come in asking questions. Well, I'll have none of that. I'm committed damn it, again. You'll not make me look like a slacker before I've even broken a sweat by God.

I had my doubts when I left there that day. My first impression of Trainer Guy Todd was not good. I got the impression that he thought he was better than me and that I was wasting his time because I couldn't hang with the likes of him. I strongly felt that he thought I'd cancel the appointment and be one of those "fat girls" that has a moment of inspiration but never follows through. I think he thought I was lazy.

Well, I came back Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday. I watched him strut around the gym and as if I were a wild animal he never made direct eye contact with me as though if he did I might leap off the treadmill and beat him about the head and face (not that I've ever leaped a day in my life but you get the point). I was growing more and more anxious as the days went by. When I was there Thursday I was doin my thang on the treadmill when he got there. An hour later I was leaving and he said "Leaving already?" First words spoken to me since Monday and he's already riding my ass...I hadn't even paid him yet. I said "Already? I was here before you were hon." With no response from the peanut gallery other than him hanging his head I smiled and walked out (almost cabbage patching all the way to my car) proud of myself for not letting the muscle head get the best of the fat girl.

I couldn't go Friday because of work and the spa party and after the spa party I checked my messages and had one from him. It was reminding me of my appointment and telling me to call if I couldn't make it. It was quick and short and reeking of "She's never gonna show." but I went today at 12:30 and got on that treadmill (in excrutiating pain) and I worked it out for an HOUR. He went by a good 10 times as the treadmill I was on was in front of his office. Again, no acknowledgment. Not a head nod, not a wink, not a snicker at my inability to out do the other people in the room. I was beginning to think he didn't even recognize me from Monday. Boy, could I possibly be looking any more forward to this meeting?

I moved on to some resistance training and then it was time. I walked towards his office and he walked out of it with his last client. He DID recognize me because as I got closer he said my name and commented on how long I had been on the treadmill. I quickly pointed out that not only had I been on there an hour but I was on there for an hour with what felt like a bruised heel. Yeah, I'm no sissy. I'm no quitter (yet). We went into his office and he had me fill out paperwork. He didn't seem so very arrogant anymore. He seemed more "Wow. She showed." He asked questions about my current hobbies and activities (or lack there of), about my jobs, my medical history, aches and pains. He even asked about my parent's weight. I told him that they were skinny at one point. He said that'd make my goal easier. That if they had always been big my weight issues would be more genetic and it's a tougher nut to crack. I told him I was born 10 lbs 5 oz. and it went from there. He asked me about my goal weight and when I wanted to reach it. I told him I didn't have a time frame. He asked if the number was what I wanted or if I wanted a specific size or to look like someone famous. He wanted to get a good idea of my goal. I explained that I have NEVER BEEN THIN and that the thought of looking any other way than I do is unfathomable to me.

Then he weighed me (fun) and figured my body fat % (scary) and told me we were going to cut that in half. You go boy with your big aspirations. We cracked jokes, we laughed, we were smart I gave him all my money and he'll be taking more over the next 3 months. I'm paying someone to make me feel in such a way that I'll be wishing I was dead. Yay. We made an appointment for Wednesday and before I left he said he figured he'd see me sometime before then and I said, "Oh, I'll be here tomorrow." and left hearing the theme from Rocky playing in my head.

What in the hell has gotten into me? I've turned into a mad woman. I don't think in all my days that I've ever worked out this many days in one week. When I go tomorrow that will be 6 out of 7 days. Yeah, definitely a record. I've got 23 sessions with Trainer Guy Todd that says I'm going to keep it up too. Well, unless of course he kills me, in which case, I bequeath the rest of my training sessions and Lola to my sister. I'll report back Wednesday provided I can move.

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