Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Thank you, Lord

My first session with Trainer Guy Todd was a chat. I did a 10 minute warm up but the rest of the time we exerted no energy. My foot thanks him (It hasn't gotten better, probably because I've still been going every day). He did my measurements and I blew into this odd little contraption for 10 minutes and it miraculously figured the calories I should eat in a day. Then we talked about the components of my new little lifestyle. There are 5 as a matter of fact.

Nutrition: In a nutshell, I'm to graze like cattle. Lots of itty bitty meals throughout the day (not to exceed the aforementioned gadget produced calorie tally). I am to write down every single solitary crumb to pass my lips which will then be critiqued by Trainer Guy Todd.

Exercise: Cardio and Resistance. Cardio at least 6 times a week for 30-40 minutes and every other day I'm to toss in some resistance training with it. Apparently one of these days he'll be showing me what I'm supposed to do. He told me he could have me passing out in 10 minutes but he wasn't going to push me that hard. I said I'd appreciate it because I didn't want to pass out in front of so many people. Hmmmm, scratch that, don't wanna pass out alone or otherwise. Then he told me that I could do treadmill for 3 weeks but then I have to switch to something else. Either the bike or the elliptical machine. I briefly mentioned my fear of the elliptical machine. I get the impression he didn't care and I must face my fear. Great.

Supplements: Hmmm, something about caffeine pills and ephedra. Not sure. I'm supposed to take some, that much I know. Gives you more energy, obviously, yeah, it's a blur. Oh and those freaking over the ephedra. Apparently ephedra is fine if following the daily allowance guidelines, which no one does...yes, I asked.

Water: 64+ ounces

Sleep: Lots of it. Now THAT I can do.

So, when I get back from the camping trip on Monday I'm meeting with him again. I don't think I'll be getting off this easy though. I just hope my foot is better cuz I can't go in there looking like a sissy before we've even done anything. For those that were hoping for my dissertation on why all trainers should be savagely beaten...stay tuned. I'm sure it's coming on Monday.

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