Sunday, August 14, 2005

Skinny to fat sweat ratio

Meaning...if I were skinny would I be sweating this much? It's like 97 defrickingrees outside and I'm sitting here, in front of a fan, still sweating. Typing is apparently too much exercise for someone of my size in this kind of heat. I'm already starting to feel dehydrated and I'm only 4 sentences and a title into this blog entry. I feel like there should be a table across the room with volunteers passing me water so I don't cramp up. At my size I can only take off so much clothing before my dog needs therapy and it's times like these that make me wish I were skinny. OK, wait, I wish I were skinny EVERY day...or at least a little less fat...but TODAY it would be some kinda nice. I mean it's like I was born with built in thermal underwear or something. Just a 24/7 Eskimo Parka.

My point? Well, I'm not sure if you got the memo but this is my last summer fat. Uh huh, next summer I will be a raging hottie tooling around in my convertible VW beetle (yes, I finally got one) and I will finally know how thin people deal with this frickin heat. I'm moving in 2 weeks to an apartment closer to work so that I can save money and buy a house in a year. SO, I will move into my new house thin, or at least close to it. I figure my apartment will be a good half hour from anyone I typically hang out with and the city I'm moving to isn't exactly high up on the "Places That Are Action Packed" list so what else will I have to do besides work out and start cooking healthy meals. I will probably become a hermit (other than working) and when I come out of my cave in a year...voila...skinny.

OK, so the above paragraph might closely resemble that of a Dallas dream sequence minus the shooting of J.R. but let me just point out ONE simple factor that could make it all reality. Turning 29 has sent me into a complete tailspin. I wasn't expecting it. It sorta clothes-lined me out of no where. I thought 30 might be painful but as I hit 29 I have one mindset and one mindset only...I have a hell of a lot of things I need to accomplish before I hit 30. I feel like the last 11 years (if not all 29 but I'm cutting myself some slack since most kids don't accomplish much) of my life have been a complete waste. It's like God hit the pause button on his TIVO and forgot to come back and restart my life. So, now I've taken over, hit the fast forward button, and have rapidly begun to catch up...hence the car I've wanted for 8 years, now I've got it.

I took a break from Trainer Guy Todd hoping my foot would get better but it's not. I've determined that it will only get better if I lose more weight. I haven't worked out in a good 3 weeks so, it's time to get back on it. I called him and told him we needed to hit it and finish my sessions because when I move I'll be going to a different gym. I'm not going to drive alllllll the way back to SE Portland all the time to work out with him no matter how great he thinks he is. My apartment also has a 24 hour mini gym where I can work out in the mornings or whenever I feel like it. There are some GREAT neighborhoods around it with nothing but HUGE houses where I can walk Lola and keep reminding myself of the house I'm working to get.

So, tomorrow morning I'm going to weigh myself and then I'm packing my scale in a box. I'm going to bust ass over the next two weeks and I'm not going to weigh myself again until I unpack that scale in my new apartment (at which point I hope it's kind). I haven't given up for those of you still reading this. I haven't been losing weight but at least I've been maintaining for a while. The next blog entry will be reporting nothing but success...guaranteed.

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