Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm a girl with a habit

No, not in the nunnish, convent joining sense of the word. Nor is it the “gotta go to rehab” sense either. As previously mentioned, it supposedly takes 21 days to create a habit. Well, habit I have then because this is day 21. I've been working out like a fiend. Sunday is my pre-planned day off. I figure if it was good enough for God, it aughta work for me. Ok, in all seriousness, I chose Sunday because on Mondays I work out with Dustina. I'm well aware of the fact that when I take a day off I have a tougher time getting back at it. I sit around thinking, "Oh, how nice it is to be lazy again." or "Oh look at how much I got done today because I didn't spend an hour and a half at the gym." So, I planned my day off accordingly so that I'm forced to get back at it by keeping my appointment with Dustina.

If you omit the sore muscles, my new grocery bill, and exhaustion from detoxing (no really, I was comin’ off caffeine, sugar, and junk food all at one whack…that's harsh), it's been pretty easy. Well, at least in the willpower department. Nobody has had to bind and gag me to keep me from binging. I've even tried eating things I don't like just because I know they're healthy. You'd be surprised what you can get down once you muscle through that gag reflex. Before you know it, I'll be ready for Fear Factor or Survivor and downing a grub worm, bull testicle, and rotten fish milkshake in 5 seconds flat. I've been subjected to two Girl Scout cookie ordering opportunities and managed to get away without a cookie OR a scratch.

There are plenty of other aspects that are hard though. The time I'm devoting to it is definitely going to take some getting used to. I get home from the gym, cook, eat, clean up and voila…it's already 8:00. Grabbing something on the way home from work had me done by 5:30 or 6:00. Tack on all the entries to the website I'm doing, all the grocery shopping, and the fact that I'm trying to actually sit and enjoy a meal instead of eating on the run and it's completely sent my schedule into a tailspin.

Then there is the fact that I am just prone to injury. I still have the same foot issue I started complaining about a good 2 years ago. My knee will just suddenly go out of whack and then after a day or two it's fine. My neck has been jacked up. It's like my body is trying to force me into submitting to my old ways. What's the deal? You'd think it would be all about me finally taking better care of it, but no, it's doing everything it can to have me plant my big butt back on the couch eating ice cream. I guess you just can't get 350ish pounds movin’ all at once and not damage a thing or two. It's alright. We'll press on, injury or no injury, and prove that big girls can get down with the best of em.

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