Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Warriors, and Monkeys, and Dogs...Oh my!

There are a lot of experiences that I have not had, places I have not gone, and things I have not done. Some of them are because I'm too poor, too scared, too shy, too inept; you get the point. Often times, though, it's simply because I'm too fat. Take wearing a size 2 dress, posing for Playboy (giggle), or using my Wii Fit. I have never done these things because I am, legitimately, too fat. There are things, however, that I haven't done because I only THINK I'm too fat. Yoga is one of those things.

Until now.

I was working out yesterday with, you guessed it, Maya. She had me focusing on flexibility and towards the end I saw that the upcoming move was called a Triangle Pose. I don't know a lot about Yoga. What I do know is that if a phrase has the word pose in it and no one around has a camera, you're likely talking about Yoga. I've always wanted to do yoga, but have never done much more than a Child's Pose because I'm confident that there isn't a lot of it I could do at my size. I grimaced as I saw what Maya had in store for me, but went along with it. OMG! L.O.V.E.D.'d it. I was all stretched out and when we were done with the move I was so relaxed. We did something with the word Pretzel in it and a Child's Pose and...I did Yoga. But wait, there's more.

I crawled into bed and decided I needed to see what else Maya offered for a Yoga rookie. I got back out of bed and turned her on (naughty; stop it). I chose a Yoga for the workout instead of Upper Body or Cardio so that I would get all Yoga, all the time. Ya'll? I did 15 minutes of straight Yoga. Warrior Poses, Downward Facing Dogs, Triangle Poses, Upward Facing Dogs, Monkey Stretches, Half Moon Poses (sorta) Yoga. I know.

I can't say that I was style and grace. I can't say that I even did them correctly, but I can say that I tried and enjoyed it. The best part of working out with Maya? No one is watching. No one is judging. No one is yelling at me or making me feel inadequate because I can't do something. In my dojo? I am Yoga Master. Namaste, Bitches!


CJ said...

I have only done yoga once, I think. I really didn't "Do it" because I couldnt' get into those poses either. Maybe (again) if I had Maya, I would have the courage. Gonna have to look into the Wii and Wii fit. (We had a Wii, my son sold it, what?)

Keep up the yoga! Its good for you! Ooops maybe I shouldn't have said that....anytime anyone says that to me, I quit. OK, forget I said it! LOL

Tricia said...

I used to have that Just My Size Yoga that the Maya girl? I should find that DVD, it was a pretty good workout for me.

Hey, glad you're posting again. Missed you!

ChristinaJane said...

I'm totally intrigued by this new Wii game. You're the second blogger this week who's mentioned it. I'm off to check the local game store's inventory. This stop, Yoga. Next stop, spinning?

Carlos said...

kick enlightened ass!