Friday, May 15, 2009

It's blog it out.

Journaling, for me, has always been a way to clear my head and get said things I might never be able to verbalize to anyone else. For me, it's therapy that money can't buy. This blog is the only journal I work on these days. Here, though, I edit myself and use a filter 85% of the time; careful not to say too much or be too inappropriate. I carefully try to balance sharing my life with not sharing too much. Letting readers in without letting them get too close. Today I'm throwing out all filters and getting to the core of some things.

I don't know how to let people get close to me. I've been treated badly, very badly, in my past and now I have walls up that might have served China well a few centuries ago. I am more guarded than the Queen of England only without all the ceremonial b.s. getting in the way of the task at hand. This gets in the way of trying to establish relationships.

I'm fat. I know. I just found out myself. Though I'm far greater at presenting self-confidence than I used to be, I am often overwhelmed with feelings of self-doubt, self-loathing, and self-consciousness. This works against me on so many levels when it comes to men. On the rare occasion that someone does peak my interest, I presume that, at my size, I don't stand a chance despite my sparkling personality. This means I'm not going to make any bold moves to make my intentions known. On the flip side, if the same guy shows me any signs that he is interested, I don't have the first clue how to deal with it. I misread the signs as him just being nice. I convince myself that it can't be possible. I give him no chance to proceed because I make it seem like it's the last thing I could possibly want despite how much I might. This gets in the way of trying to establish relationships.

When I am with someone, I can't verbalize how I feel. Often times, I don't even know how I feel, but mostly, I feel like if I actually SAID how much I liked someone that they would take that as their opportunity to hurt me. That it would be ammo in a very fucked up gunfight where I never win. Conversely, if I never admit how much I might care, then I can't get hurt. If I don't say it, then I don't care. Kind of like my philosophy on illnesses. If the doctor hasn't told me I have X, then I must not have X...despite the fact that I just plain haven't been to the doctor. Oddly, guys don't like this. They need reaffirming and ego stroking. This gets in the way of trying to establish relationships.

Are we seeing a trend? Are we beginning to understand why I'm single and why last night was so awkward for me? It's like I'd almost rather he'd have made it clear that he's not interested. That he just would have said to Laura, "I'm flattered, but I don't think it's a good idea." That's a reaction I'm oddly capable of dealing with. Like I was hoping that WAS my phone number he was pushing back across the table. If he'd have done that, then I wouldn't have to figure out how to let someone get close to me. If he'd have done that, then this would all be over and I wouldn't have to continue wondering if there are bright neon signs that I am misconstruing as friendship. If he'd done that, I could concentrate on my homework instead of obsessing with everything I did wrong last night. Believe me, that list is getting long. I'm a hot mess, people, a hot mess.


Fat[free]Me said...


But the thing is, thin people feel the same too - and, surprise, surprise - so do guys!

Also, there are lots of guys out there who do look beyond the weight and see the person beneath.

It is hard to let someone in after being hurt, but risks are worth taking. I would rather be hurt and hurt again (and believe me, I have), than never to experience those times when it DOES work.

Don't beat yourself up about the way you reacted - ha, some girls act aloof on purpose! Carry on being you and allow people to get close.

You sound like a genuine, fun, clever, sensitive and funny person - any guy would be lucky to have someone like you in his life!

Carlos said...

just DO him already!!!

Au Naptural said...

I'm struggling with this too, my dear. And have recently decided that, at some point, I have to let someone in. Otherwise, I'll be old and alone in a house full of plants (I'm allergic to cats LOL). Being vulnerable is scary. I know. But, I think, being alone because I was too afraid is even scarier for me.

Wishing you bon courage and all that good stuff. This guy digs you. And why shouldn't he? Close your eyes and jump!

*Kristine* said...

I agree with what Fat[free]Me said. And maybe what Carlos said.

In my single days I had those kind of thoughts as well.

Relax a little and it will all work out :)