Friday, January 22, 2010

Graphic Design made me its bitch...again.

I'm sorry. I suck. Last term was the end all be all of stressful terms. Now I have started Winter term and it should be tamer. I clearly don't love you (or me) the way I do Graphic Design. My clothes were fitting better by the end of the term, now they are not. I don't know what that means as far as numbers because I only weigh in at the gym. Oddly, I can't weigh in at the gym if I never go. Kinda like I can't win the lottery if I never buy a ticket. I'm lame; it's true.

I took the reins, deleted Insertnamehere from my phone after telling him I never wanted to talk to him again, and think of him rarely. Awesome. I was a dating machine over the Christmas break so I've got THAT going for me. I'm working on the website for my freelance business (which will, as suggested by my instructor, have a blog as well...I think we know how well THAT will go). I am going to start scheduling blog time on my damn calendar just so that I can stop being such a slacker. It seems to be the most effective way for me not to completely go AWOL for months at a time. And, blogging keeps me honest(ish) when it comes to the diet. Imagine that.

So, to recap...I'm still in school and I'm still fat. I may or may not still be fierce, but we'll delve into that later. I hope you're all well and don't hate me. And let's not talk about that whole lose 100 pounds by 2010 thing, m'kay? m'kay.


Diana said...

Kelly - this is so weird. I was thinking just today I wonder what happened to that sweet, funny Shrink a Bootie gal. :)

Glad you're back and back on plan. School always makes it tough to stay on track. So you can cut yourself a little slack.

I'm looking forward to more posts. Don't stop blogging. It's the death of weight loss when we stop blogging! :)

Carlos said...

you are fierce like a motherfucker!!! go get them