Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today is Easter. For those that believe, the end of the story results in a miraculous escape. Mine is less so when it comes to miracles, but I have officially escaped to my room from my family. Holidays have become a giant pain in my ass and today is no exception. Actually, there have been far worse, but my patience is particularly thin today and my nerves are frayed. The ol' family dynamics have never been stellar and I'm at a point in my life where I am just soooo over all the bullshit.

By bullshit I mean the negativity, the arguing, the bossiness, the overbearing personalities, the way they all talk over me when I try to say something and then bitch when I've opted to just sit silent waiting for the day to be over. It's all tolerable on a normal day, but when all the storms collide on a special occasion it's just unbearable...and loud. And I'm still trying to figure out why it is that having a set of nuts precludes you from having to help clean up. So, here I am, in my room, getting a few moments of peace because apparently I WAY can't handle it today. My sister-in-law can't either. I know she dreads all this chaos as much as I do.

Per the norm, my mom is the only one excluded from this list. My mom is the only consistently mellow person in this family. My mom is a saint. She deals with us all with this unwavering patience. She is also the only one that shows the least bit of interest in my life and what I'm doing at school. Everyone else seems fresh out of give a fuck and seems almost irritated if I try to show them something I've been working on. So, now I don't.

It all made me eat a whole lot of cake. It's diet cake made with diet coke, but cake nonetheless. This weekend hasn't been all that great on the calorie burning front. I was at school on Friday from 9am until 8pm. I was supposed to be there until 9pm, but my head was going to explode and I had to get out of there and try to get home. It was a headache for the ages and I had no advil or anything with me. I almost had to pull over on the drive home. I laid on the couch and started crying it hurt so bad. I was freezing, too, and then it was gone. It left as quickly as it came. It was scary. I've been getting a lot of headaches lately because of something that's wrong with my neck, but this was different and on a whole nother level. Yesterday I didn't meet my intake to outtake deficit because I didn't move much. I was too busy doing all the homework I ignored all week trying to be the perfect diet girl. It's ok, though, because I was well over on the other days. I'm stressed. I'm cranky. I'm bloaty and fat. How many calories would I burn punching someone in my family in the neck?

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Tricia said...

Plug in your bodybugg and give one of them a power-packed punch and post the calorie burn here so we'll know if we should follow suit with our own families.