Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This blog needs...

but since I don't have a cowbell you'll have to settle for photography. I love photos and I love my camera. From snapshots to professional grade perfection I just heart it. I've been integrating more images lately, but they've been from the internet. A while back I was taking pics of the food I was making. I think it's time I kicked that back into gear now that I get to cook more often. For tonight, I have two quickly snapped photos just to show you why it's so impossible to lose weight around here.

This little gem is the Easter "flower" arrangement that's in the middle of the dining room table. That is my view nearly all day every day as I do homework and read your blogs and write my own. Yes, those are cupcakes. I have not had any, though they mock me terribly. Eff the Easter bunny.

And this is at eye level in the big freezer in the utility room. Mom got eight cartons of Ben and Jerry's because they were on sale for a buck something. That woman can't pass up a sale, bless her little heart. She stacked them ever so perfectly next to the Entenmann's. I can't say I've been as strong facing this demon as I have the cupcakes. The last two nights we have split a carton between the three of us. There are supposed to be four servings in a container. Is it me, or did they used to be a single serving? Oh, right, that is just me. Oops.


Tricia said...

wow, thats a lot of temptation... :)

SlenderSwan2B said...

cupcakes to pretty to eat they are stale and ick the freezer stuff? STAY AWAY and do not open the door LOL