Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Twelve By Oh Twelve

Two pounds. They say that you should not lose more than two pounds a week. It's not healthy they say. It's not...realistic (for most people). And yet, I have often asked my body to lose more than two pounds a week to reach some absurd goal set by my good intentions (or demons that had taken over my good senses...I'm not sure which). Some would argue that telling myself that I will lose X amount by X date in and of itself is sabotage. That I will just hate myself when it doesn't happen. And though "doesn't happen" is typically the norm for me, what if it DOES happen. What if I CAN do it? I did it once before. I told myself I would be under 300 pounds for my...26th birthday was it? It was a lofty goal requiring significant losses each week, but something had clicked in me then and I did it. I got on the scale that morning and for the first time in probably a decade, I saw a weight that didn't start with a three. That, combined with having done what I set out to do, had me floating on air for weeks. A loss in the family and a surgery had me right back up in the 300's where I have not only stayed, but seem to have moved in with all my things as if I would never leave.

So, whether wise or not, I'm setting another date specific goal. Only this time it's, dare I say, realistic. I'm asking my body to lose less than two pounds a week. I'm asking it to lose about 1.87 pounds a week. I have started the One Twelve by Oh Twelve challenge. I am going to lose 112 pounds by January 1st 2012. That is 60 weeks from now and, though it will require steady amounts of focus and commitment, it is completely doable.

But...I am asking you to help me. I'm asking any of you who still read to keep me going. To check in on me when you haven't heard from me to make sure I've not been swallowed by my couch. To perform an intervention if I am hold up in a shack somewhere mainlining Ben & Jerry's. To take the needle from me regardless of what wildly inappropriate things I offer for one more hit. To remind me of One Twelve by Oh Twelve. Better yet, I'm asking any of you with at least 112 pounds to lose to join me in the quest. Come on, you know you want to.


Joy said...

New to your blog but I'll def. be checking in now on the regular. Just IMHO, I don't think it's bad to set goals by saying you'll lose x amount of weight by x date. In this journey we are all on, you have to do what you think is right for you. We'll all go crazy trying to do what other people think we should do. I am sure there are tons of people out there who would disagree with the plan I am on but it's my journey so I'll figure it all out eventually. Just like you'll figure out what works for you. Take care!

fngrcufs said...

I have a pattern. Someone says I think I'm going to jump and I say 'oh my god, I want to jump, when? where? jumping is my favorite!' Look for me a week later, and you won't find me jumping. It's that initial excitement of being part of something that I get such a rush off of. But sticktoitivness (not even a word) is not my forte.

What's the alternative? Someone says they are going to jump and I say 'meh, I'd rather lay on my couch with my laptop because jumping is hard and I don't really like it, but good luck to you.' I guess that's a viable option. It's certainly something I could stick to, and have.

But where has it gotten me? Well, my couch is well dented on the end where my ass resides.

So in the interest of doing something different, anything different, in hopes of acheiving a result that is... different... let's try this.

I do have more than 112 pounds to lose. I would love to see them gone but 1/1/2012. And I miss you, babe.

So while me gut reaction is to scream 'Holy crap, Kel, where do I sign????' and start out a plot and a plan and an unwavering course to get me there, I'm going to go against the grain.

I'll try.

It doesn't sound that life changing, does it? But it could be.

I'm with you. Without fanfare, without a shiny new website that I will abandon after three posts, without guns blazing, and without a plan... I'm here.

And in case it doesn't go without saying, whatever you need, you got it :)