Monday, November 29, 2010


drummers drumming? Not so much.
pounds of Thanksgiving food in my belly? No...though it felt like it.
job offers? Eff you for making such a cruel suggestion.
pounds lost? Bingo!

Twelve seems to be a pretty significant number right now. One Twelve by Oh Twelve? Twelve pounds down? Only 100 more and about 57 weeks to do it in to make my New Year's 2012 goal. That's about all the blog I have in me today. We are alive. We are kicking. We are fierce.


Anonymous said...

Woot! Keep it going.

Joy said...

That is so awesome! I must admit, when I saw the "Twelve" title, I was worried for a minute but you certainly showed me! I should have known not to doubt you, if even for a second :) You are amazing! Keep it up!

Joy said...

Hey Lady! :) Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing; I miss your updates! :) Hope to hear from you soon!

Joy said...

Yes, I will keep harassing you till you post again since I made a promise to you to do so ;) I figure as long as I only post once a month, it won't be too stalkerish ;)

Seriously though, I hope you had really wonderful holidays and that everything is going well for you. You have my email if you need it. I'd love to hear from ya!