Saturday, July 21, 2007

Clean up on aisle 6

cuz I could pee myself I'm so stoked. Aisle 6 just happens to be at my front door. Confused yet? Good, I'll explain. I just got my first online grocery delivery. Oh yeah, I'm hooked. It's easy like Sunday morning, Baby, and I just might never go back. I'll save my grocery ventures for the hip and happenin' joints like Trader Joes, Whole Foods & Wild Oats.

I'd been wanting to try this rumored online grocery shopping experience and investigated the services of the grocery store I do most of my shopping at. Delivery prices seemed beyond reasonable (first delivery was even free) and when you account for my time and gas money, I almost feel like I should pay them more. I'm not doing this out of laziness if that's what you're thinking, although, it did save me like 4 trips up and down those stairs.

When I go grocery shopping 3 things usually happen. I wander back and forth looking for things and wasting lots of my time, I grab things I wouldn't have thought to get simply because I see it thus resulting in spending WAY more money than anticipated, and I often lose the battle when trying to stay away from the ice cream isle or an equally daunting distant cousin.

Here's the best part. I was just minding my own business, cleaning and reorganizing, when the thunk thunk thunk of a dolly making it's way down my stairs rang in my ears. I ran to the door, opened it, and there he was. My cute delivery boy, er, man. After signing and watching him bring in all my groceries, all that was left for me to do was to check to make sure I had everything and put it away. I pulled all of the stuff out of the bags and layed it on the counter. Mounds and mounds of produce and healthy goodness. Nothing I didn't plan on getting and nothing I would feel guilty for eating later. I grinned ear to ear as I put it away. It took me, what, 10 minutes? I have very little joy in my life people, you're gonna have to give me this one. When I'm thin and rich and wondering what to do with all my free time don't come crying to me for the website info. I'm going to go bask in the glory of my effortlessly well-stocked fridge now.

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Kate (kjc783) said...

I wish they had grocery delivery where I lived. But they don't. I hate going there, because I am often tempted by the chips myself. I have learned to stay away from them. I have learned to run past them if I have to...and hey...extra AP's!