Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's a daggum tragedy

I am wearing my favorite jeans today and it makes me sad (you know, the jeans that miraculously fit me a few entries ago). How is that a tragedy? Because now they're too BIG for me. I'm in no way giving up on them just yet, but it won't be long. I can't even buy time with a belt because they have no belt loops and I'm pretty sure I can't pull off the suspenders look (nor should anyone try save for hot men in suits where it might be considered appropriate) so, their days are numbered. I can, if motivated, pull them down without unbuttoning or unzipping them and they are dragging on the ground because as you lose weight your clothes get longer from not having been stuffed to the gills.

They're super cozy, but I'm left pulling them up all the time. What's worse is, when I climb the stairs with my hands full, I feel them slipping ever so slightly lower with each step. I'm left at a veritable crossroads at this point because only part of me hopes they'll stay up long enough for me to free my hands of clutter. The other part? Oh come on, how awesome would that be to have your jeans just fall right off due to weight loss. Sure, they'll laugh, they'll stare, they might even ridicule you, but I'm pretty sure you'll be over it pretty quickly and be basking in the glory of your super huge jeans. It's at this moment, though, that your mother's sage advice of making sure your undies are in check would come into play. Oh, and the Europeanesque legs probably would NOT be too kosher in most circles, so lets keep things tidy ladies, shall we?

Sadly, this isn't the only pair of pants I'm struggling with. I had a pair of black jeans that were made of a stretchy demin and, alas, they were worn well past their expiration date. I finally had to cut the legs off and make tug toys for Lola. Even worse, a brand new pair of capris that didn't fit before are on the verge of falling down now. Good thing it's summer. I can wear the heck out of them for another couple months and then make my peace with their departure.

Woes me, that frickin' ROCKS! Are you kidding me? I'm 24 pounds down as of today (based on the home scale anyway) and do NOT consider this complaining. It's just sad to blaze through clothes that have been there for you through the fat times. Through all the ice cream, gelato, and Taco Bell runs. Through all the friction caused by my thighs rubbing together.

Tonight, after my WW meeting, I will reintroduce myself to various other members of my wardrobe that I've not spent much time with lately. I will hopefully find a few old friends willing to rekindle what we once had. If not, it's ok. I will just give them a few weeks and reapproach. I won't give up. Not this time.

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