Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't worry Blogville!

I'm light as a feather. A 357 pound feather anyhow. Fear not, I've been plugging along. Trying desperately to mingle school and weight loss. I pack oodles of food every Tuesday and Thursday to make it through a 13 hour day. The problem is, I have to pack things that will withstand that length of time out of the fridge and that doesn't need microwaving. I'm eating entirely too much dairy. I'm just saying.

It is no easy task. I feel like Horton lately (you know, hears a who?). Like I'm carrying around this very fragile microscopic community disguised as a dust spec on a clover and its success as a whole rests soundly in my trunk, er, hands. Every once in a while a PMSing Kangaroo rears its ugly head and tries to sabotage everything. I lose the clover in a patch of millions of other identical clovers and frantically claw my way through them trying to bring back order and safety to what I've fought so hard to protect. I ward off giant carniverous birds (and possibly happy bunnies carrying cookies).

Last week I only lost .8 and this week I felt like I was in for a far worse fate. I thought for sure I was in for a gain. I climbed on the scale and thought "I have to think light. I'm light as a feather. I am light as a feather." .4 down. Heavy feather.

I got a Wii today. Probably a purchase I shouldn't have made, but I did. Financial aid money well spent. My gym membership is up in a few weeks (not like I've used it since this summer, but anyway...) and I'm not going to renew it. I don't want to have to come up with the money every month while unemployed and I hated driving that far to workout. I'd been wanting a Wii for just shy of ever and decided that my exercise for right now would involve the Wii and walking. I got a Wii fit, too. I don't get to use it until I weigh 329. Why? Because the weight limit is 330 and so it's a reward for getting to 329. It sits perched next to my tv, mocking me. Yet another device meant to help me lose weight that I can't actually use until I lose weight. It's a cruel cruel world.


Estela said...

Good to see you posting Kelly.
Hey, those .8s and .4s will add up, doncha know!!??...

Light as a feather, light as a feather...keep it going down by point anything!

Estela in South TX

Stages of Change said...

Glad you're plugging away, and have to agree with Estela here, .8, .4, it all adds up, it really does.

COngrats on getting the WI Fit, and I like that you have a little to go before you can use it, sounds like a healthy incentive to me.

Great job, and good luck today!

Carlos said...

money well spent! and just a matter of time before you are working that shit!

CJ said...

Glad you are back. You will do this. You still doing WW 101? Now, you can't drop that class!

Well, those feathers will all eventually add up. By the time you get some time to use the Wii, you will probably be down enough! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried hummous for lunch? I'm always looking for easy foods to pack up. I'm lucky enough to have access to fridge, microwave, and toaster oven at work, but sometimes I go on all day hikes and bring food. Lucky for me, no germ wants anything to do with me, so the lack of refrigeration isn't much of an issue. I think anything that doesn't have meat or mayonaise would likely be ok, no?

Neelith said...

How are you? I just started posting again and I see it has been awhile since your last post.