Friday, September 18, 2009

Built for comfort, not for speed

So Gym and I were knockin' boots again today and the workout was kinda blah. 10 on treadmill, 15 on recumbent, and then I opted to start lifting weights again. Did a lot of leg work and as I was abducting my hips I realized that there was only one other person working out in the women's area with me. Suddenly the most foolish of notions came over me. Mayhaps a fat girl should run.

I got on a treadmill that wasn't easily seen from where this other person was and started cranking it up. I started running...ok, ok, ok...jogging. The treadmill strained beneath me, but I was doing it anyway. I got up to a minute and thought I'd push it to two. Then I heard other voices and realized the lunch time rush was starting. I stopped it at a minute twenty. I stepped off completely and utterly out of breath and then it hit me; I am most certainly not made for speed. I also couldn't help but wonder just how long I would have been able to push it if my fear of being seen hadn't kicked in. No one wants to watch a fat girl break a treadmill. Well, some do, but they are just mean.

Tonight the girls are congregating for food and gossip. They haven't seen me in a while and I'm likely going to be grilled on Insertnamehere. Who, by the way, I hope to see after dinner because I haven't seen him in days and it makes me cranky(ish). I think we're going to hold hands and watch Shrek again since we never finished it the last time I was there. Love that for some odd reason. Probably because I'm bringing ice cream to eat while we watch it, too, but don't judge me. At least I'm not going to drink any alcohol tonight and will bring my water bottle. I don't really know what the food will be, but I'm bringing blue corn tortilla chips and some black bean salsa that isn't too bad for you. Let the good times (and the fat girls) roll.

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