Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The witching hour

Often thought of as the time between midnight and 3am, the witching hour is when witches, demons, and ghosts are at their most powerful. At my gym, that time is apparently 11am, cuz witches? They were a plenty. So many super skinny girls with no personality. I flash a smile in passing and they avert their eyes. Get a sammich, bitch, and lighten up.

The good news? I did a 10 minute warmup on the treadmill (with no indication that it couldn't detect me) and then 30 minutes on the recumbent bike. Toss in a little cool down time and I was at it for 45 minutes. The scale was a couple pounds kinder, too.

The bad news? My 6 year old nephew touched my tummy today and asked if I had a baby in there (his other aunt is pregnant so tis the season he thought). I said, "No, it's the last little boy that asked me if I had a baby in there." FML, yo.


Carlos said...

look at you all on a streak and shit

Fat Daddy said...

kids...the other white meat!

Diana said...

I had an encounter with a skinny bitch at the gym a couple weeks ago. Actually, I'm pretty sure she was anorexic. She was scary skinny.

She followed me around on every piece of cardio equipment that day. I did the bike, she got on the elliptical behind me (lots were available). Then I went on the other side of the room and got on the crosstrainer, and she followed me and got on the one right next to me. Again, lots were available. The whole thing was creepy.

Then I left my water bottle behind and when I went back to get it, she had it in her hand holding it out to me and didn't even make eye contact with me when I said thanks. Totally weirdo.

But good for you! Joined a gym, and you're going...hahaha...that's key...the going part. :)

Keep it up Kelly!