Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Girl Dating

I haven't been in a relationship in almost 4 years. Have I mentioned that lately? For the first two years of that I was completely and totally content with being single. I didn't want a man and found them fairly stomach turning most of the time thanks to the tragedies that were my past relationships. Around the halfway mark I started to venture back out there a little. I knew what I wanted now and would no longer settle. I've gone on plenty of sad excuses for first dates in that time, but rarely did anyone make it to date number two. My personal ad was a bold attempt to end the single streak. If this weekend was any indicator of how my dating life will be, things are lookin' UP!

I woke up feeling fairly positive about the day ahead. The bad news is...the growth on my face that appeared a week ago was still there and no amount of makeup would hide it. I'm not talking a zit, that would have been a pleasure in comparison. I'm talking about a carbuncle (a distant relative of a boil). I've gotten this thing in the same spot, under my eye, close to my nose, every year, for FOUR years. It ain't pretty. The good news is...I was so self-conscious about that, that I didn't have room for being self-conscious about my size. I had pangs of nervousness throughout the day, but nothing too drastic. We talked on the phone a couple times and then it was time to face the music. I went over to his house.

When I got there the front door was open. I walked up as he came out of his room which put him down the hall from me. He smiled and just looked at me for a few seconds. He walked towards me and was still smiling. I'll take that as a good sign. He gave me a great big hug and lingered for a minute. He smelled AWESOME, but before I could tell him, he was telling me the same thing. Well, at least we agree that we smell good. We went to dinner and my booth phobia kicked in. I was cringing as the hostess asked him if we wanted a booth or a table. He chose one of the little romantic tables in the middle. He shoots, he scores! We played some pool and then I helped him study. He must have told me a dozen times what a good time he was having. The chemistry was great and the flirting was obviously there. We ended up spending all of Sunday together, too, which included a lot of studying and a trip to have sushi. I had a great time.

So now what? I'm not sure. We talked a couple times once I got home on Sunday and we talked a couple times yesterday. We're supposed to get together this coming weekend, too. So just how DOES a girl know when a guy is truly interested in her and it's not a bunch of talk to see what he can get? Yes, I'm jaded. I guess only time will tell. I know you're probably hoping for more details, but a lady doesn't kiss and tell...she just makes comments suggesting that there was lots of kissing. Weigh in this morning went well. Five pounds down. We're 28 pounds down and rockin' a 332.


CJ said...

That's awesome! I am so glad you put yourself out there and it was a pleasant experience!! Just follow your heart and your gut feelings and everything will go great! GOOD LUCK!

Sophia said...

Waaa-Hooo! It was that pre-date latte that made all the difference though, right? :) Kel, you are so fabulous! You just keep on being you and the rest will follow.

Carlos said...

awesome on both the wl and the date. good for you!

Sara said...

OMG, first date smooching and snooglebutzing--how fun!!

I'm going to live vicariously through you and your dating adventures.

All that crap they hand us about following our instincts and how we'll know when the right guy comes along? Turns out that's all true. Who knew?

Have fun and spill the details--demurely even, if you must!